Aynsley Jurson

Divorce Financial Adviser

Certified Financial Transitionist®


CEO and Founder of Jurson Advisory

Aynsley Jurson

Divorce Financial Adviser

Certified Financial Transitionist®


CEO and Founder of Jurson Advisory

To heal, you need to be heard.

To grow, you need to be guided.

To evolve, you need to be financially empowered.


It can be the source of immense stress and worry. It can also be the foundation on which you build a life filled with possibilities and peace of mind.

As a speaker and the Lead Financial Adviser at Jurson Advisory, I help busy professionals transform confusion into clarity and overwhelm into optimism as they navigate one of life’s toughest hurdles – divorce.

With zero judgement and zero jargon, I present clients with real, simple-to-understand numbers so they can make smart decisions. Decisions that protect their family’s financial future and safeguard long-term relationships.

I’m one of only a handful of Certified Financial Transitionists® in Australia which means I’m uniquely positioned to pioneer a new approach to financial planning – one that holistically cares for the person behind the plan.

After two decades in financial services, I realised I wanted to do more meaningful work.

As many parents would understand, the birth of my children made me reassess who I was and what I wanted to contribute to the world.

My first child was still crawling and I was eight months pregnant with my second. I was working insane hours as a senior financial adviser. Despite being constantly on the go, I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was missing.

I knew I loved working in finance but I wanted my work to be more meaningful and important. I wanted my time away from my kids to be making a real difference in peoples’ lives.

I started thinking – what more can I do to support people going through major life transitions?

I discovered the work of a Financial Transitionist® and enrolled in a year’s worth of study. Inspired by everything I had learned, I built a firm that merges expert financial advice with understanding and empathy.

Seeing the incredible changes in my clients affirms that I am living in alignment with my purpose.

I love seeing my clients take steps forward and feel proud of the progress they’re making. As they get a clear picture of the numbers and outcomes associated with each decision, they’re able to take charge of their financial future. And that, gives me more satisfaction than I ever imagined possible.

Jurson Advisory is the culmination of everything I’ve learned over my career. It’s also the representation of my life purpose – to instil hope and financial confidence in people facing one of life’s toughest events.

Jurson Advisory is the financial partner of choice for family lawyers and busy professionals.

We provide a specialised suite of financial advisory services that are fully tailored to your needs – before, during and after divorce.

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Keynote speaking

With over two decades in financial services, I’ve got some interesting stories to tell. Stories that will inspire your audience to take charge of their finances and live a more calm, confident and gratifying life.

Based in Melbourne, I’m available to speak at events, conferences, workshops and seminars nationally and internationally.

The progressive power couple:

The benefits of family lawyers working with financial planners

In modern workplaces, collaboration is king. When it comes to family law, the benefits of engaging a specialist financial planner are immense.

This talk will inspire professionals working in family law to form an interdisciplinary team for the benefit of their firm and their clients.

The professional impact of personal crises:

How divorce affects employee engagement and what can be done about it

Personal crises have a huge impact on workplace productivity and morale. And divorce is one of the biggest crises an employee will face. Why then, aren’t we doing more to support them through it?

In this frank and evidence-based talk, I will address this question and offer an out-of-the-box solution for executives and HR professionals.

Transition expertise matters:

The new approach to financial planning that’ll help you navigate change with confidence

The one constant in life is change. And yet, we’re never taught how to manage it.

In this talk, I analyse the four stages of transition, outline the role of a Financial Trasitionist® and offer practical advice to help women navigate major life events including divorce, redundancy, retirement and the loss of a loved one.

Life after divorce:

Rediscover your mojo by taking charge of your money and your life

The divorce process doesn’t end the day you sign the papers. It takes time to find your feet and adjust to the new normal.

With compassion and a good dose of humour, I will share actionable advice for embracing financial independence and reigniting hope after the breakdown of a relationship.

The gift within change:

A positive perspective to manage major life events

When people are in the midst of a major life event – divorce, redundancy, widowship, or selling a business – it can be difficult to see the sky beyond the clouds. And that’s completely understandable.

With empathy at the fore, I will encourage the audience to view change through a more positive lens – as an opportunity for personal growth and financial empowerment.

Speaking Kit

If the above topics have sparked your interest, please download my speaking kit for more information on these talks and how they might benefit your audience. I'll also keep you updated with Jurson Advisory.

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“Working with Aynsley is like working with a financially-savvy expert you can call a friend.

She’s relaxed, knows how to have a laugh and knocks your socks off with her incredible financial knowledge. She leads you through your worst nightmare with grace, compassion and confidence. I love that Aynsley could choose to work with clients investing millions with her eyes closed yet she has chosen to work with people at a time in their lives when they are raw and emotional.”

Helen, Melbourne

Bio + Credentials

Aynsley Jurson is not a traditional financial adviser.

While she has a wealth of expertise and decades of experience, she leads with compassion rather than a calculator. As the Managing Director of Jurson Advisory, Aynsley empowers busy professionals to make smart decisions before, during and after divorce. Her knowledgeable team will resolve any complex money matters so you can redesign your future, your way.

Prior to setting up her own firm, Aynsley enjoyed a successful career as a Director at Goldman Sachs JBWere and a Senior Investment Adviser at Macquarie Bank. Her desire to combine expertise with empathy, led to her qualifying as a Certified Financial Transitionist® and pioneering a new approach to divorce financial planning in Australia.

Since establishing Jurson Advisory in 2015, Aynsley has helped countless people navigating divorce take charge of their finances and grow more hopeful and excited about the future. Aynsley is proof that personal connection doesn’t compromise professionalism. Instead, it enhances it.

Aynsley lives with her young family in Victoria’s picturesque Macedon Ranges. While you won’t find her donning a green visor, she does have a green thumb and loves taking time out in the garden.


Certified Financial Transitionist®

AFP® Member of the Financial Planning Association (FPA)

Collaboratively trained divorce financial professional

Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning

Diploma of Financial Planning

Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance and Investment

Bachelor of Business

ASX Derivatives Level 2 Accreditation

Registered Financial (Tax) Adviser with the Tax Practitioners Board

Aynsley is a proud member of the following industry bodies:

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